1st International Conference on Natural Fibres, 9-11 juni 2013, Portugal

The conference topics include:

  • Animal and plant based natural fibers
  • Fibers produced based on natural resources
  • Innovative and functional natural fibres
  • Nano- dimensional natural fibres (e.g., nano cellulose)
  • Properties and characterization of natural fibres
  • New, efficient and cost effective processes for natural fibre extraction and processing
  • Natural fiber modification techniques
  • Textile processing of natural fibres (spinning, weaving, coloration, finishing, etc.)
  • Advanced fibrous structures based on natural fibres
  • Natural fibre based polymeric and cementitious composites
  • Green composites
  • Applications of natural fibres in high-end sectors (civil engineering, medicine, transportation systems, sports, etc)
  • Innovative applications of natural fibers
  • Product design with natural fibers
  • Modelling and prediction of properties and behaviour

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