Textile: Inseparable from the human environment

The 90th Textile Institute World Conferencenews2 25th–28th April 2016 | Poznan, Poland

The theme ‘Textiles: Inseparable from the human environment’ has resulted from the strong position of textiles in the human ambient environment. Textiles are present in all aspects of everyday life. In the 21st century rapid progress of science focused on the practical application of research results which led to the development of advanced technologies that enabled to expand the application potential of both fibres themselves and textile products.

The conference is hosted by The Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants. The institue is an interdisciplinary research centre with international standing, involved in complex research on obtaining and processing of fibrous and herbal raw materials.

The Institute is involved in a number of national and international research projects; cooperates multi directionally with numerous research centres worldwide; works for agriculture, environment protection, construction, transport, food and pharmaceutical industries and medicine…

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Av key notes speakers, kan vi nevne:

Dr Terry Townsend; The Role of Innovation in Ensuring the Future of Natural Fibres

Andrzej Garlikowski – SAFILIN, President of the Management Board of SAFILIN – European spinner of linen and hemp.