Konferanse om LIN

Norges Linforening has planned a flax/linen conference. We have applied for funding at Landbruks og Mat Depertamentet, Kulturrådet og Hedmark Fylkeskommune with none positive results. We will have to postphone the conference untill further notice.

Conference program as follow:

Plenary session 31.05.2012


10-11 Opening -Governmental responsible, nn-Hedmark responsible, nn-FAO/ESCORENA, Prof. Dr. Ryszard Michal Kozlowski, ESCORENA and Network coordinator* 

– Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants,  Poland( INF&MP), Director nn


-Norges Linforening, Hanne Gjendem, Leader of NLF*

Time  Suggestions of topics Proposed lecturers
1100-1140 State of the art in natural fibers growing, processing and production Prof. Dr. Ryszard Michal Kozlowski*
1140-1210  Flax genetic resources Dr. Martin Pavelek, Agritec, Czech Republic
1210-1315 Lunch
1315-1345 The flax agro technology in the Northern zone Dr. Igor Uschapovsky, Flax Institute, RussiaDr. Jean-Paul Trouve, Terre de Lin, France.
1345-1415 Simple devices and  machines for  flax cultivation and primary processing Dr. Andrzej Kubacki, INF&MP*Dr. Jerzy Mankowski, INF&MP*
1415-1445 The truth about economy and competiveness of flax towards  other natural (e.g. cotton) fibres Algemeen Belgisch Vlasverbond (General Belgian Flax Association), Kortrijk, Belgium.
1445-1515 Break
1515-1545 Strategy of CELC – La Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre regarding flax  Marek Radwanski, Member of CELC Board (representative from Poland)
1545-1615 Flax in Norway from early times up to today Anne Holen, Norges Linforening*

Plenary session 01.06.2012


Time Suggestions of topics Proposed lecturers


Flax breeding and agronomy. New fiber flax and linseed cultivators, quality, content and resistance Prof. Dr. Krysztof Heller, INF&MP*


Flax and other bast plants market in the World Maria Mackiewicz-Talarczyk, FAO/ESCORENA Secretary*

2 sessions on the second day

Agriculture and industry

 non-woven, geotextiles, isolation, woodware, paint, wax

Flax processing, handicraft and health issues

Time Topics Lectures Time Topics Lectures


Possibilities of flax applications for modern composites


Prof. Dr. Ryszard M. Kozlowski, IMPIB, Poland*   Flax and other natural fibres for human comfort. Physiological viewpoint Malgorzata Zimniewska, INF&MP, Poland*




Natural fibres as reinforcing in composite materials – applications and characteristics Gary Chinga Carrasco og Marianne Lenes, Paper and Fibre Research Institute, PFI*   Beneficial effects of linseed as a source of  pharmaceutical and dietetic products. Jadwiga Kozlowska, Poland



Natural Fibers in isolation.

Building materials made of lime/ bast plants shives

Jacek Kolodziej, INF&MP, Poland*      
1245-1345 Lunch


Development of flax in Canada nn   Handicraft goods made of flax- diversity and relevant production techniques



MSc Malgorzata Muzyczek, INF&MP, Poland*


Ecological sanitary mats made of natural fibres Nn, INF&MP*   Fiber and yarn qualities and weaving characteristics Jon Pedersen
1515-1545 Mjøslin, experience from a small scale production ??   Dyeing of flax and other natural fibers with natural dyestuffs Dr. Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewozna, Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants,  Poland
1600-1630 To be decided, suggestions from Government
  • Ørebro ?


1645-1715 Conservation,  buildings and antics Riksantikvar   Treatment of flax textiles Sæterglentan


1730-1745 Planetary session 01.06.2012


In addition we are planning an exhibition